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Fisherman’s Village Announces a Quality-of-Life Expansion

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Punta Gorda, FL, August 22, 2022 – Fishermen’s Village, Punta Gorda’s premier waterfront destination offers indoor and outdoor dining, shopping, and entertainment year-round. Offering a full-service destination resort and a hometown hangout for visitors and locals alike.

Fishermen’s Village, is pleased to announce the expansion of its property and continued rehabilitation of the existing retail and Suites. This project will include a large investment to improve the property’s infrastructure, expand the retail area and add a residential component to the property with expansion of public access space.

Overall Expansion

A proposed redesigned development plan for the Fisherman's Village and adjacent parcels was created which follows a transitional pattern containing the tallest of the proposed buildings located within the Village parcel, followed by three-story buildings over parking on Retta Esplanade, and ending with traditional townhouses along Shreve Street. To the development committee, it was extremely critical to respect the charming single-family homes in the adjacent historical district while providing density that was compatible with zoning regulations without compromising quality of life.

Commercial and Residential Use

Designed to create a community-focused and design-driven environment, this integrated development incorporates both residential and commercial buildings. This project includes the construction of a hotel building, residential condominium building, and professional housing building over two to four stories of parking, with retail and restaurant liner shops.

To the east on 1000 W Marion Avenue, you will find three- to five-story condominiums and one professional housing building, each with its own parking space. There are three existing buildings in the planned development at 900 W Marion Avenue: one is the home of the popular Military Heritage Museum, another is being renovated for use as a small boutique hotel with 26 rooms, and a third building will be transformed into a two-story condominium building with parking. Two- to three-story villas/townhomes will be constructed over parking on the east side of Shreve Street.

Harborwalk Systems

Included in this plan is the vacating of Retta Esplanade west of Shreve Street. An access road to the Sunset Breezes condominiums would be provided through 1000 W Marion Avenue. The vacated public right of way would transform into a larger extension of the existing park and Harborwalk systems, providing space for additional public amenities and no vehicular traffic.


Parking is a sensitive issue in historic areas and was an important design consideration for the Village project. Controlling the parking to the Village site was crucial in the overall design to keep the parking off the adjacent lots and side streets in the historic district. The parking decks under each building will be designed to provide enough parking to exceed peak demands at the Village, containing all parking on site. The result is a better environment for all in the historic district, as well as improved access to surrounding businesses.

Fishermen’s Village

Fishermen’s Village Resort and Marina can fill a day, define an evening, or pack the itinerary of an extended stay. We are here to take care of your stay from start to finish.

Stay up-to-date on Fisherman's Village, visit, contact (800) 639-0020 or connect with Fisherman’s Village on Facebook.


The below PDFs are a copy of the application materials as submitted to the City of Punta Gorda to support the Planned Development Neighborhood request.

01. Executed PD Application
Download PDF • 1.09MB

02. Property Ownership Details
Download PDF • 62KB

03. Property Deeds
Download PDF • 1.09MB

04. Legal Description & Sketch
Download PDF • 932KB

05. Revised Conceptual Development Plan
Download PDF • 18.04MB

06. Revised Project Description
Download PDF • 7.07MB

07. Revised Concpetual Plan
Download PDF • 9.26MB

08. Parking Generation Narrative
Download PDF • 5.90MB

09. Traffic Impact Statement
Download PDF • 1.62MB

10 .Utility Availability
Download PDF • 149KB

11. Aquisition Agreement
Download PDF • 2.22MB

12. Ordinance 1904-18
Download PDF • 228KB

13. Ordinance 1919-19 PD Amendment
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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